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Posted October 27, 2017

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The Poodle Song

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About "The Poodle Song"

A tribute in song to our beloved Django the white Standard Poodle, who passed away October 27, 2017 at age 15-1/2. Much loved, always remembered.

Sung beautifully by our good friend Katie Clymer back in 2012, when Django was much younger and enjoyed games of catch-me-if-you-can, especially during filming!

We think his favorite scene was at the dining table!


Here are the lyrics:

If you think you want a poodle then you'd better use your noodle cos this high falutin' dude'll reign supreme!
He's meticulously bred and designed to never shed on your clothes or on your bed or limousine
A poodle has his scruples, and won't bow to labra-duples, when he's coiffed and manicured, he's at his powder-puffy best
Immaculately regal and the prince of canine breeds, well, all the lesser dogs must heed and pay respect

The poodle demonstrates a fastidiousness for taste and he's never EVER late when you are dining!
Cos the aroma of fine food'll tempt the taste buds of the poodle and on noodles, game and strudel he'll be thriving...
A poodle's handsome features outshine those of lesser creatures with his elegant demeanor and propriety
The history books will tell you poodles chose their masters well for all their wealth and intellect and notoriety.

Words like pomp and pulchritude'll best describe the princely poodle, and his ways tho' high-falutin' are the best, you see.
Says the Lord in all things feudal -- it's the birthright of the poodle, and the "kit-and-the-caboodle" is his destiny!
So if you're earning oodles, start contemplating poodles just like Winston, John and Marie Antoinette... (chop!)
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