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Updated April 19, 2018

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Mother Hymn

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About "Mother Hymn"

Composed in 2009, Mother Hymn is a prayer of peace and harmony to the Mother Spirit God. Suitable for both church choirs and secular choirs, this lovely song is perfect for celebrating Mothers Day or for programs with a mother or feminine theme.

Add a gentle and lilting conga for some rhythmic interest.

For SATB choir and piano

Performed by:
Fauntleroy Chancel Choir
South Seattle College Community Choir

Also available as a vocal solo.


Divine Mother God, child-whisperer,
Grant wisdom to your children and teach them peace.

Earth Mother God, to you a prayer of sunrise
For love among your children on beautiful Earth.

Spirit Mother God, a prayer for your daughters
With God in our hearts, we love, we nurture our little ones.

Spirit Mother God, a prayer for your sons
With God in our hearts, lay down our arms, cherish our brothers.

God is Love, God is sunset and beauty, God is ever-present,
God be our light and hope!

And Love is God, give us the strength of love within and without
To comfort all your people.

Divine Mother God, embrace us in your love
Nurture and hold us, our Breath of Life.

Divine Mother God, sustain us in our hope,
Our faith and inspiration, our Breath of Life,
Nurture and hold us, Spirit Mother God.

Shine on your daughters, blessings on your sons,
Child-whisperer, Earth Mother God.
Return us to your glory, may we journey in peace. Amen.

Available at as printed copies or digital download.

Partial download: "Mother Hymn" (cover + 5 pages)
in PDF format

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