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Updated April 7, 2019

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The Shadow of Hosanna

Palm Sunday Song: The Shadow of Hosanna from Bronwyn Edwards on Vimeo.

About "The Shadow of Hosanna"

Palm Sunday anthem for SATB choir and piano, composed by Bronwyn Edwards and performed by the Fauntleroy UCC Chancel Choir on Sunday, March 25, 2018. Cherie Clymer and Greg Dirks, soloists. David Yanacek, conductor. Bronwyn Edwards, piano.

Download rehearsal parts:

The Shadow of Hosanna - SOLOIST track

The Shadow of Hosanna - SOPRANO

The Shadow of Hosanna - ALTO

The Shadow of Hosanna - TENOR

The Shadow of Hosanna - BASS

The Shadow of Hosanna - PIANO ACCOMPANIMENT

For SATB choir and piano

Performed by:
Fauntleroy Chancel Choir,
Bronwyn Edwards, Music Director

Belmont Heights United Methodist Church
Cynthia Azarcon, Music Director


If they had seen His vision for a heav'nly home
And not an earthly kingdom far away from Rome
If they witnessed miracles of healing hand
And listened to His parables across the land,
They do not see the courage in His manner
Just a crowd lost in the shadow of Hosanna.
No triumph here, no victory parade
This crowd caught up in destiny will turn away
Now they cast their cloaks before his gentle colt
Their praise and adoration soon to be revolt
They do not see determination in His manner
He will weep beneath the shadow of Hosanna.
Hosanna, Hosanna, the shadow of Hosanna.
To Jerusalem, a price upon His head
With His trial and suffering ahead...
The shadow of Hosanna on a fickle crowd
Its anger brewing like a stormy cloud
Will send the beloved Savior to His death
To go beyond the grave to rise again
To rise again, the shadow of Hosanna fades away into the Light
Into His Light, the shadow of Hosanna fades away
His radiant Light will rise again.
The shadow of Hosanna fades to none.
The radiant light of Christ shines like the sun.

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Partial download: "The Shadow of Hosanna" (cover + 4 pages)
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