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Posted April 23, 2017

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Listen to "Seashore" performed by the Vashon Island Chorale

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About "Seashore"

"Seashore" is the seventh song of the Vashon Suite: No Bridges.

Commissioned to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Vashon Island Chorale (Vashon Island, Washington state), "Vashon Suite: No Bridges" features eleven songs for SATB choir about the history, geography and romance of Vashon Island.

The seventh song in the suite, Seashore describes the forty-five miles of shore around the island -- the seashore teems with abundant life from the many species of sea-birds to surfacing whales and blubbery seals. The piece features a flute obligato, and an optional conga drum, as well as a piano accompaniment. Seashore has the flavor of summer. Other pieces in the suite include Strawberry Kisses, (a tandem bicycle and picnic song of summer) and Leonosa, a rollicking sea-shanty depicting a brig carrying lumber from Vashon Island to San Francisco during the Gold Rush.

For SATB, flute and piano
Lyrics and Music by Bronwyn Edwards

Performed by:

Vashon Island Chorale
South Seattle College Community Choir


The seashore teems with abundant life.
The salt-sea air swirls with the rhythm of wings in flight.
What joy to wander along the seashore!

We walk along beaches, we linger on these sandy flats
To witness the thriving creatures of this nurturing habitat.
What treasures we'll find along the seashore!

Surfacing whales, blubbery seals nearby,
Spawning herring and foraging fish in and out with the tide.

Life in abundance, teeming with motion
Over and under, sustained by the ocean,
Come, walk with me along the seashore.

Diving sea-ducks and grebes and loons in motion,
Life of the island, life sustained by the ocean,
What joy to wander along the seashore!

Life in abundance, teeming with motion
Over and under, sustained by the ocean,
Forty-five miles of beautiful shore!

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View partial score (pages 1-7) in PDF format

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