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Updated June 11, 2018

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Listen to "Ferry" performed by the Vashon Island Chorale

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About "Ferry"

"Ferry" is the eleventh and final song of the Vashon Suite: No Bridges.

Commissioned to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Vashon Island Chorale (Vashon Island, Washington state), "Vashon Suite: No Bridges" features eleven songs for SATB choir about the history, geography and romance of Vashon Island.

The finale in the suite, "Ferry" is the connector between the composer's residence in West Seattle and the island of Vashon. The Fauntleroy-Vashon ferry is a regular sight on Puget Sound.

"Ferry" opens rhythmically, depicting the mechanical sounds of the ferry's engines. Throughout the song, various moods of Puget Sound's storms pitching and tossing the ferry contrast with beautiful sunny days and the summer euphoria of the passengers.

The final section references the other songs in the suite and ends with the flute depicting the seagull hovering over the ferry.

Original studio demo recording (MP3)

For SATB, flute and piano
Lyrics and Music by Bronwyn Edwards

Performed by:

Vashon Island Chorale


Whirring, rattling, vibrating thunder of the engines
A Lincoln Park ferry line of patient souls slowing their day down.
Hustle, bustle of streams of cars and people,
Wayfaring strangers, ferry off, ferry on...

Beautiful day on the Sound today!
Blues skies, sail-boats, weekend euphoria!
Now loading...

Storm clouds brew in the cauldron of Olympic gods,
Zeus and Thor splitting their thundrous skies apart!
Aeolus, ruler of the winds, whipping and spilling white-capped waves,
Roll, ferry, pitch, with the gods at play.

Breathtaking sunset over the Sound!
Streaked skies of orange and red as the fireball sun retires.
Wind has dropped on a golden pond,
Slow, ferry, slow as she glides into dock...

Slow, ferry, slow, ferry, glide, ferry, slow, ferry
Peace of the evening.

Ferry to the island of Vashon, carry me
Ferry to the island of hist'ry, carry me
Ferry to a secret destination, carry me
Ferry to the island, teeming with life on its shore,
Carry me to that beautiful shore,
Carry me to the island where creative minds flow with artistry.

High above the waves, an eagle soars.
Take me where no bridges touch the shore.
Sentinels watch us from their lofty heights.

Ferry to the island, carry me.

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