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Updated May 28, 2018

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Angels Among Us

Listen to "Sweet Hour of Prayer"

About "Angels Among Us"

Composed by Bronwyn Edwards and Ken Medema, this advent choral anthem features a soloist and SATB choir.

The anthem describes the "angels among us" -- the goodness of people in our faith community that surround and comfort us, their inner God-candles burning love and light and filling us with hope.

The anthem is superimposed over the traditional carol "Angels, from the realms of glory" with a simultaneous 3/4, 6/8 time signature. Traditional lyrics by James Montgomery (1816) and music by Henry T. Smart, known as the tune REGENT SQUARE .

The solo could also be sung by a small group of alto voices.

AUDIO ICON: please note this is an early studio demo featuring my voices, and the final version changes the order of the verses of "Angels, from the realms of glory."

Guitar and bass chord charts available for download.  Click links below:

Guitar chord chart - original key Dm / D.
Capo 5th fret in Am / A.

Bass guitar chord chart - original key Dm / D.

For SATB choir, soloist and piano

Performed by:
Fauntleroy Chancel Choir

Lyrics - by Bronwyn Edwards and Ken Medema

Heavy, the weight of the world on our hearts.
Leadened, our steps as we walk through our days.
Burdened by fear in the absence of truth.
Where is the hope that will show us the way?

Empty, we feel that no angels are near.
Troubled, we fear as we face the unknown.
Angels are near in this gathering of love.
Not one among us need face fear alone.

Do not be afraid, angels among us,
Tending us, holding us, hearing us cry.
Do not be afraid, angels among us,
Loving us, leading us, lifting us high.

(Shepherds in the fields abiding, watching o'er your flocks by night.
God with us is now residing, yonder shines the infant light.)

Angels among us are our friends and companions.
Flesh-and-blood people whose goodness we feel.
Some gone before us, some present with us.
Angels among us, remembered and real.

Do not be afraid, angels among us,
Tending us, holding us, hearing us cry.
Do not be afraid, angels among us,
Loving us, leading us, lifting us high.

(Saints, before the altar bending, watching long in hope and fear.
Suddenly your prayers attending, Christ beside you shall appear.)

Angels from the realms of glory, wing your flight o'er all the earth.
As you sang creation's story, now proclaim Messiah's birth.
Come and worship, come and worship,
Worship Christ, give thanks and sing!

God is the candle that lights up the angels,
Angels among us to show us the way.
God is the candle that lights up our wings.
Angels among us, good comfort we bring.

Available soon at as printed copies or digital download.

Partial download: "Angels Among Us" (cover + 5 pages)
in PDF format

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