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Posted October 21, 2017

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Home (Wonder Cantata)

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The Wonder Cantata was composed in 2011 and performed by the Chancel Choir, Fauntleroy Church UCC at the choir's Christmas concert. The lyrics for the Cantata were developed by composer Bronwyn Edwards (Music Director at Fauntleroy Church) after a conversation about the wonder of Christmas with the Senior Pastor at Fauntleroy Church, Reverend David Kratz and chorister Greg Dirks.

Following are Reverend Kratz's reflections, which inspired the fifth song of the Cantata, entitled "Home."

We experience the wonder all over again as we come home to celebrate the birth of the Christ child with our families.  Many of us these days, however, experience a cultural disconnection from our past.  Christmas gives us the sense of connection to the people before and after us. Foreigners travelled long distance and found they were at home in Christ’s birthplace. Isn’t it great that God uses celestial things like stars to lead foreigners to David’s birthplace to see the new king of Israel? Or to guide us home to our loved ones to celebrate the miracle birth? One of the things that awakens wonder is to find ourselves at home – especially for our culture that seems so rootless.  To find oneself at home, to feel at home, is a powerful image.

These reflections were part of the performance, helping the listener to better understand the concepts behind the music.

For SATB and piano
Music and lyrics by Bronwyn Edwards


1. The Wonder
2. Unexpected, Unpredictable
3. The Promise
4. The Power
5. Home / inc. O Come All Ye Faithful
6. The Wonderful Story
7. Wonderful Counselor
8. WonderLight
9. The Gift
10. Finale: Home, a Place of Wonder / inc. O Come, All Ye Faithful


by Bronwyn Edwards

Home, beside the fire with scents of Christmas in the air
Home, where love abounds, with friends and family gathered there
Home, a place where we may go for shelter, warmth and history
Home, both past and future, of family ties and tapestry

Home, where senses fill with candle glow and carol-song
Home, where we return to nurture those for whom we long
Home, where open hearts receive the stricken and the poor
Home, where we belong, welcome portal, open door.

Home, constant in a world of change and busy rush
Home, a place of wonder, God be with us.

Home, like the stable where the Christ Child was born
Home, a place of wonder, on Christmas Morn

Oh, come home this Christmas, home to where the heart is
Enter the welcome door, embraced by Love Divine
Warmed by the Spirit, nourished by the Word
O come, let us adore Him, o come, let us adore Him
O come, let us adore Him, Christ the Lord!

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