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Updated July 8, 2019

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Risen (Easter Song)

Audio available in video link (right)

Risen (Easter Song) from Bronwyn Edwards on Vimeo.

About "Risen"

Words and music by Bronwyn Edwards

"Risen" is an Easter Sunday anthem.

Performance Notes:

"Risen" is marked Tempo Rubato, with a very slight accelerando at the beginning of each line, and a slight decelerando or ritard at the end of each line, diagrammed like this:

Specifically, this could apply to most lines up until the "Hallelujah" section beginning at measure 109, with the exception of page 5, where the energy continues on between "In your realm of Light and Love we find" and "Joy and wholeness, shining Lord of Light."

"Risen" begins introspectively, and builds energetically throughout, with specific increases in tempo at page 4 and again on page 10. The song should ebb and flow so as not to sound rhythmically mechanical.

Harmonically, there is frequent dissonance between the voices. Each voice has its own melody. Rehearsal parts are below. Performance video is in the right hand column on this page.

Recorded parts (instrumental melody for each part, no vocal / words)
in MP3 format (click on the link below to download).

Soprano 1
Soprano 2

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For SATB choir and piano


In a place of darkness you were cast
By the error of our human ways.
In the realm of darkness we would be,
Destined to remain for all our days.

(Lord of Light!) But not forever in this place of darkness would you stay
Light of angels opened wide your tomb
To the dazzling light you made your way.

To a place of darkness we have strayed,
Lost in hopelessness and broken ways.
In your realm of Light and Love we find
Joy and wholeness, shining Lord of Light.

(Lord of Light.) Jesus Christ, the Son rises, the Light, the Son rises!
Jesus Christ, risen from the grave.
Rising LIght, You are the Truth, You are the Way.

Hallelujah! Jesus Christ, the Light!
Hallelujah! Risen Son, shining bright!
May we shine in the love of the Spirit Divine,
Living the Love, the Truth, the Way, the Light.

Hallelu, hallelujah! Hallelujah, hallelujah!

Available at as printed copies or digital download.

Partial download: "Risen" (cover + 6 pages)
in PDF format

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