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Posted February 7, 2020

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The Road to Emmaus

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About "The Road to Emmaus"

Words and music by Bronwyn Edwards

"The Road to Emmaus" tells the Easter resurrection story from the book of Luke. The SATB choir score includes piano accompaniment and the hauntingly beautiful tones of the French horn.  The French horn part is available as a separate score, and also as a C instrument score such as flute (or other transposition upon request to the composer). 

Please email Bron at and write "Road to Emmaus Instrumental Request" in the subject line.

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For SATB choir, piano and French horn


Our hearts are heavy, we are weary, discouraged and distressed.
Along this road to Emmaus, from Jerusalem with heavy steps,
Trying hard to comprehend what happened to our friend.

Where is He now, the prophet Jesus, powerful in word and deed?
All hope for Israel's redemption nailed in fury to a rugged tree,
And there He died, a blackened sky, leaving us behind.

The women told us this morning or an empty tomb,
Astonished, they found no trace of Him.

Filled with angel messengers, a vision bright!
Hard to believe, they say He is alive.

On this road to Emmaus, who is this stranger walking with us
Who talks of scripture and suffering for the One who enters into glory,
Yet evening comes, abide with us, you must be weary from your journey.

You break the bread, then you bless it.
For you are the Christ, you are the Christ!
We never guessed.

Our eyes are opened, now we see You, Your mighty presence we feel,
We recognize You, adore You, now from our sight You vanish.

Let us leave Emmaus, head to Jerusalem and tell the others,
The Living One is here among us, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!
We are witnesses, we see the living Prince of Peace
Our living Lord is the stranger on the road, on the road to Emmaus.
On the road, the wondrous road to Emmaus.

Available at as printed copies or digital download.

Partial download: "The Road to Emmaus" (cover + 6 pages)
in PDF format

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